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Psychology for SpiritualityOur Guide is the Divinity–The Godhead within, The World–Teacher secret in the depths of our being.  How to know the Guide?

The guide within can be perceived in different ways [1]

  • An impersonal wisdom, love and power

  • An Absolute manifesting in the relative One’s highest self

  • A Divine Person/Istha Divota An Ideal  

(In the end the guide is all and more than all these things together)  

 What is the method of the Inner Guide? The Inner Guide - "has no method and every method". His system is a natural organization of the highest processes and movements of which the nature is capable. Applying themselves even to the pettiest details and to the actions the most insignificant in their appearance with as much care and thoroughness as to the greatest, they in the end lift all into the light and transform all … the Force that works … is impersonal – or super personal – and infinite [2]

* [1] & [2] : Sri Aurobindo : The Synthesis of Yoga.


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