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Psychology for SpiritualityMirravision Trust is formed with a professional group of psychologists, psychiatrists, social scientists along with spiritual sadhaks. The aim of the trust is to study, design and implement and encourage the implications of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's thought in the areas of psychology, mental health. Psychiatry, health and well-being, education and social sciences at large. The central aim of Mirravision is to bring into light Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's teachings to the professional world with a goal to implement it in academic as well as in applied fields. 

Mirravision Trust is named after Mirra Alfassa, the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, who is the executrix of Sri Aurobindo's vision as well as his collaborator in the new evolutionary work that is to manifest the future models of human being. Mirravision Trust is being formed as a non-profit, public charitable trust encouraging education, training, research and deliverance of its applications to humanity at large, with a special focus on mental health. Mental health with its unique nature and complexities needs a novel approach. In fact, any approach to mental health remains incomplete unless it is integrates cultural, subjective and spiritual dimensions. Mirravision will combine all the three dimensions to formulate a new approach with both conceptual clarity and practical applications. Keeping this in view, it would undertake an innovative understanding of the human psyche, designing of psycho-spiritual spaces (akin to ashram-based communities) that facilitate development of various dimensions of consciousness and provide training of people in personal growth, psychological perfection and transformation of consciousness. Besides sponsoring the Institute for Integral Yoga Psychology, Mirravision Trust also strives :

1. To establish specialized clinics, community centers, hospitals for the public and community rehabilitation centers for the mentally ill and psychosocially maladjusted, physically handicapped, mentally challenged and drug- dependent subjects based on Integral perspective.

2. To promote, develop, run, and manage specialized community spaces for practical programs of personality development, psychological growth , integral health, and integral well-being based on psycho-spiritual space approach with special emphasis on mental health.

3. To integrate community / Ashram life based on psycho-spiritual spaces into psychotherapy, counseling, and psychopharmacology with special emphasis on mentally ill and mentally challenged.

4. To promote the concept of Integral well-Being based on the consciousness perspective of Sri Aurobindo's teaching and develop appropriate curriculum, research, training program, professional net-work and practicing fields for the purpose.

5. To promote the cause of Integral health including mental health based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother through research, action oriented strategies, social support system and liaison with other like-minded organizations/movements.

6. To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons and set up special geriatric services based on dignity and values of living and dying.

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