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Psychology for SpiritualityInstitute will have special emphasis on publications of research and scholarly work on Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's psychological system, The following are the list of publication activities.

1. The institute will publish books, monographs, booklets, pamphlets and any other literature printed or electronic from written by the institute faculty to promote Sri Aurobindo's psychological system. 

2. The institute will provide opportunities for the researchers and scholars to publish books, monographs and any other literature, printed or electronic form India or aboard.

3. The institute will safe guard the interest of pure Sri Aurobindo' psychological thought and copyright if there is any misrepresentation or manipulation or reproducing without prior permission.

4. The institute will publish a journal on Sri Aurobindo's psychological system.

5. The institute will publish a newsletter on its activities.

6. The institute will utilize this website for information, training and publication.

7. All the published work under the name of the institute will belong to the institute and the copyrights are with the institute and not the author/authors.

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