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Psychology for SpiritualityIYP is a psychological system based on the consciousness perspective of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Its basic standpoint is Sri Aurobindo’s postulate that the human being is a TRANSITIONAL BEING, an instrumental, intermediate, creature and the Mind is NOT the summit of evolution. In fact the FORCE OF EVOLUTION has not stopped working with the appearance of the human being but is now busy in evolving new powers of consciousness. IYP is dedicated to sub serve the growth of consciousness beyond the mental consciousness. (In Aurobindonian parlance, this growth is to lead to the manifestation of a very high supramental consciousness capable of transformation of earthly life and facilitating the emergence of Gnostic beings, a Gnostic society and a new world–order.) In IYP the key concept to understand is "CONSCIOUSNESS". Consciousness here is simultaneously a PLURIDIMENSIONAL and INTEGRAL reality whose usage spans

a) The poises through which consciousness transfers to our perception and scientific investigations.

b) The superconscience of mystics which refers to experiential states of zero or void or nonbeing beyond or absolute in terms which can not be cognizised as all cognitive experience is surpassed

c) The Inconscience where consciousness is not apparently manifest and there is only a material energy appearing to work through necessity or a self - regulating chance.

IYP explores the ranges and depths of consciousness, its planes and parts, so as to construct an integral structure and model of human being capable of evolutionary growth. In the process it studies the hierarchy of consciousness as represented in the human being as well as in nature, the different beings in our depths, the aspects of personality and impersonality, time and timelessness, ego and beyond - ego principles. The emergent perspective not only helps us to understand the structure of the being but also to study psychopathology at different levels with the possibility of devising concomitant therapeutic modalities.

IYP's standpoint is that as its field and matrix is consciousness in its most global perspective, it cannot ignore the variegated pursuits of the human mind in its quest towards truth. Thus it not only studies spirituality and religion but also include in its ambit the psychological foundations of occultism, parapsychology and metapsychology. IYP will study the practical implications of the consciousness paradigm in

a) Health (Integral Health)

b) Psychology (Integral Psychology)

c) Psychiatry

d) Education

e) Ethics

f) Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Politics)

g) Architecture h) Body - Work

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