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Research work in the Institute for Integral Yoga Psychology is going to be an exciting venture combining the development of sound theoretical knowledge and practical applications in various areas of human quest and endeavor.

At present, research thrusts are expected in:
Consciousness studies
Psychopathology at different levels of consciousness
Integral psychotherapy
Spirituality in health, therapy
Historical/Metahistorical perspectives
Applications in:
  • Architecture

  • Politics

  • Anthropology

  • Occultism

Comparative Studies

In downloads section, we give 3 research papers to act as models for researchers. The first named "Reflections on a Comprehensive Approach to Psychotherapy" builds up a solid theoretical foundation for practical psychotherapy suited for a contemporary  international community that bases itself on a spiritual perspective. It simultaneously deals with a deep comparison between the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and Jung.

The 2nd paper titled "Non-local Research and Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy" tries to build up a systematic consciousness approach to a conceptually difficult subject like "Non-local research" with convincing experimental and case-based justifications.

The 3rd research paper titled "WHITE SHADOW-PERSONA:WITH A COMMENTARY ON THE DA VINCI CODE" offers interesting insights about the concept of Titanic or Asuric forces vis-a-vis Divine forces from a writer who has knowledge both of Yungian analysis and the Aurobindonian perspective. As a result, this integration offered by a comparative study becomes richer and moves towards an East-West synthesis. In the Indian tradition, the Devil has manifested from the Divine and in the end, will go back to the Divine. The return has been conventionally a result of a defeat in the hands of the Divine Forces but the Aurobindonian Yoga also provides an opportunity to the Titanic forces to get transformed and surrender! (This paper also gives an impressionistic commentary on the Da Vinci Code.)

The 4th research paper titled "The Caste System Of India - An Aurobindonian Perspective" gives an innovative direction to approach the caste system of India from an Aurobindonian perspective. An original Vedic seed-idea gave rise to Caturvarna as a social construct that later drifted into a system of castes which though decadent still survives in the Indian mind-set. The same seed-idea without losing its spiritual significance can be used to construct a personality paradigm in consonance with the time-spirit. Such a solution would be more acceptable to the Indian psyche rather than a superficial approach.

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