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Psychology for SpiritualityPoet , philosopher , revolutionary, mystic, yogi, prophet of the Life Divine, brought to the world a completely new type of thinking. He envisioned an evolution in cognitive consciousness through a hierarchy of increasingly complex and pluridimensional cognitive fields, marking shifts from individual to global and integral cognition. In the process “knowledge” and “will” are progressively synthesized and at the level of integral cognition, the synthesis has the power of transformation of consciousness necessary to build a new world-order of more developed human beings. Indeed Sri Aurobindo has charted a course whereby an inner evolution of consciousness can lead to  the  manifestation  of  higher  models  of human being who surpass the ordinary mental consciousness. Naturally, this endeavor necessitates a new psychological paradigm. INTEGRAL YOGA PSYCHOLOGY is an attempt to extrapolate the rich and variegated psychological insights implicit in Sri Aurobindo’s system (which he called INTEGRAL YOGA) so as to construct a paradigm to aid the process of evolutionary growth in consciousness and transformation of consciousness. Sri Aurobindo has not only given a sound theoretical foundation of his concept-constructs, but also through his sadhana has willed and activated the forces of transformation so that his dream and vision becomes accessible in motivational fields of human aspiration.   The Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry is a concentrated Force-field to expedite the unfoldment of new powers of consciousness and stabilizing them for humanity at large. for more info 

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