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Though the institute's focus is on advanced research, education and training and publication of Sri Aurobindo's psychological system mainly catering to the academic circles, but the institute's aim is to expose the interested people and other professionals to the academic activities of the institute as well as its practical applications. With this aim in view the institute will have various knowledge-based activities for the interested public as well as action-based activities in the area of mental health. The following are the some of the activities.

Knowledge-based Activities:

1. The institute will organize periodical public interactions on topics related to Sri robindo's and Mother's psychological systems with practical implications for divine living.

2. The institute will provide both material and virtual space for public to have group discussions on contemporary psychological problems and the relevance of Sri Aurobindo's psychological system in order to arrive at possible solutions.

3. The institute will provide a state of art library on Sri Aurobindo's psychological system for the public.

4. To conduct vocational training and entrepreneurship programs for mentally ill and mentally challenged, youth and woman based on integral vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 

5. To promote the concept of integral psycho ecology, to conduct public health programs that include rural and urban planning of habitat, housing, sanitation and water- supply as a basic requisite for social health.


Action-based Activities:

1. The institute will provide counseling and help to public in the light of Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's psychological system both individually and through internet. 

2. The institute will be associated with Mirravision Trust's direct therapeutic activities viz. Healing spaces, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Programs, Specialized clinics.

3. The Institute will also link up with different therapeutic centers throughout the world who are working with Integral, Holistic, Global, Spiritual perspectives of health.

4. The Institute will promote play and games therapy, art therapy, music therapy, psychodrama and other such pursuits aimed at stimulating creativity as a personality asset; to promote positive recreational and entertainment programs that aim at an elevation of consciousness.

5. The Institute will conduct stress management , organizational development and creativity programs for executives, professionals and students with a spiritual and consciousness approach

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